Welcome to Meals by Molly! Let me tell you a little about me. I am a self-taught, passionate baker who has learned from many mistakes, all of which have molded me into the food blogger I am today! All of the recipes on my blog are self-created and then tested many times until perfected. 

About Me: Author of Meals by Molly

About me:

My name is Molly Walcome, I love to cook, a lot. There’s almost nowhere I’d rather be than in the kitchen working on a new recipe. When I first started cooking I would watch the Food Network for hours on end. After a few years of studying all things Food Network, I discovered my first food blogger, Sally’s Baking Addiction. After discovering her blog I never looked to Food Network again. I loved the passion she brought to each recipe she wrote, and how she connected with her readers so flawlessly. I began searching for more and found that I really like food bloggers! That might be weird, I don’t know, but it’s true. So one day it dawned on me that maybe I could do that too. So this is my try, and I really hope you like it. 

When I’m not cooking, I love reading, working on my blog, going for walks, and listening to my all-time favorite podcast The Woody Show– check them out if you have a good sense of humor and a tolerance for a little cringe-worthy content. My husband Michael and I have a beautiful golden retriever named Maddie and an extremely sweet rescue cat named Macy(we have an “M” thing). My husband is my number one supporter, aside from running social media for me he also tastes all of my meals. His high standards and brutal honesty make him the perfect food tester to ensure I always post quality content!

Check out some of my most popular recipes: