Hard-Boiled Eggs

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are one of my favorite, most versatile and sciency ingredients in cooking. In one of their simplest forms: hard-boiled eggs are perfect for making deviled eggs, topping salads and soups, or enjoyed as a light snack. This is my tried and true method for making perfect hard(and soft)-boiled eggs every time! 

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs: 

  1. Gently place your eggs in a large saucepan or stockpot and cover with cold water 1″ above the eggs.  
  2. Transfer to the stove and bring the water to a boil, do not cover the pot. Have your timer ready and start the timer as soon as the water comes to a boil. Reduce the heat slightly to keep at a medium boil.

Hard Boiled Eggs

3. Boil uncovered for 2-9 minutes depending on how cooked you want your egg yolk to be. As soon as the timer goes off transfer the eggs to a bowl of ice water, which stops the cooking. 

4. Allow the eggs to sit in ice water for at least 10 minutes before peeling.  

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

More Tips for Boiling and Peeling Eggs: 

  • Don’t overcrowd the eggs in the pan. There should be about half an inch of space between them. 
  • For soft-boiled eggs with a runny yolk boil for 1-4 minutes. For perfectly hard-boiled eggs, boil them between 5 and 9 minutes. Do not boil any longer or they could become overcooked. Overcooked eggs will have a green or gray yolk.
  • Have your bowl of ice water ready so you can stop the cooking exactly when your timer goes off. 
  • For eggs that are easier to peel use ones that are slightly older. Fresher eggs = harder to peel. 
  • Gently cracking the egg before placing it in ice water makes peeling even easier because the water will get under the shell and loosen it from the egg white. 
  • Start peeling at the rounder end of the egg. This is where the little divot is and makes it easier to get under the thin membrane.  
  • Peeling is easier under running water. 

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs Cooking Time

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is my fool-proof method for perfect hard(and soft)-boiled eggs every time.
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Course: Appetizer, Dessert, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 6 eggs
Calories: 60kcal
Cost: $2


  • 6 large eggs


  • Gently place eggs in a large pot. Cover with enough water so there is 1" of water above the eggs.
  • Bring the water to a boil and boil uncovered for 2-9 minutes. Prepare a bowl of ice water while you wait for the timer to go off. When the timer goes off, gently crack the eggs and add them to the bowl of ice water. If they are too hot to touch you can let them cool slightly in the ice water before cracking.
  • Keep eggs in the ice water for at least 10 minutes before peeling.


Serving: 1egg | Calories: 60kcal

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